Term Life Resources

term life resourcesThere are a handful of term life resources that can be useful to you in your exploration of the various term life options. We’ve listed a few below, as well as a brief synopsis on what type of information they provide and how we think they would be useful to you.

Term Life insurance quotes – When you are ready to get a term life comparison, our quotes page is the place to go. You can view plans online, customized for your age, zip code, gender, plan specifications etc.

Life insurance buyer’s guide – This guide, published by the NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners) is a great, vital resource for those in the market for any type of life insurance. It can really help you narrow down what type of life insurance you need and how much life insurance you need.

AM Best – AM Best is an independent organization that rates insurance companies based on financial strength and stability.

Life Insurance Worksheet – Determine how much life insurance you need with this simplified worksheet. Not intended to be a replacement for the advice of an actual advisor that knows the products and what’s available. However, this can give you an idea of how much life insurance you should be considering.

While there are certainly a great many candidates for useful term life resources, these are a few that I believe can be useful to you in your exploration of term life insurance options. Of course, Term-Life-Comparison.com can be your preeminent resource with extensive online information, quotes provided online and answers to commonly asked questions.

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